Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stormy Los Angeles

Finally getting around to posting things!
I had climbed the building with the intent of getting the sunset.. then the storm started rolling in. I thought itd be a great time to leave, the wobbling over extended ladder I has utilized to get on the destroyed roof probably wouldnt be any safer wet. I looked back and thought about how much time I had already waited.. so I decided to take a short nap. I woke up and was still disappointed, so I made my way down. I was intrigued by the emptiness of the building and started exploring a bit. It was getting darker, the light was even more limited by the amount of graffiti covering the windows and obstructing the light. Once I was done being freaked out, I made my way for the stairs- and then I saw the view outside through the window. Another beautiful night in Downtown; with a storm tearing through. I went back out and got the following shots.
Note to self: Stick around, you never know what may happen.

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