Sunday, March 28, 2010


I had been weary about taking my model down into the graffiti laden tunnel, great for shots, but definitely not the most secure feeling place by any means. We went for it. While shooting, various foot traffic continued through. Out of the corner of my eye I see this guy in ratty clothes come walking through the tunnel, posing like a runway model as he went along. His appearance cold, his handshake worn, though his demeanor lively and humorous.
I have since befriended Wolf. He lives in this tunnel, a place teetering on the border of true urban decay, with a freeway onramp rushing above. Coming in from the stairs a gust of putrid air comes up to greet passer-throughs. Where this stench comes from is unknown, the tunnel is shockingly clean.
Wolf is happy here. He claims many friends and connections in the surroundings, he pointed out all of the gifts he was wearing, many betraying his “homeless” status. I usually find him working the cars ready to go on the freeway while on the way back to my car. He is quite the character. He knows the right people to pay off, knows how to get into places, and has a disposition for disappearing without a trace.
He lives in this tunnel, always waiting for a Vet check that is always “in the mail” every month. It never seems to come, where it really goes I have no idea. He talks about grand late night sexual escapades with the women that come visit him from the surrounding apartment high rises. He aspires to one day make a porno with these two ladies he is quite fond of.

Until then, hes got a lively decorated tunnel, a comfy spread of a bed, and a gorgeous view of Downtown. He does alright.

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